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  • Kids Trucks 2

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    Timmy Uppet and his pals are at the Vidsville test track again, testing out the different trucks for safety. They are testing strange vehicles on the downhill track, monster trucks on the dirt track, train truck and turbo tractor on the stunt track.

  • Kids Trucks
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    Kids Trucks

    3 videos  |   Rent $0.99   |   Buy $1.99

    Cool monster trucks and other vehicles driving around the stunt test track. Timmy Uppet and his pals test the trucks and vehicles for safety. They also play a fun truck game called monster truck stackers, stacking trucks on top of each other.

  • Kids Trucks Fix and Paint

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    Timmy Uppet and his pals are on the Vidsville stunt track. See cars and trucks breakdown, wreck and then towed to the Vidsville Garage. At the garage, they are repaired, painted, and customized with high-performance parts. Learn to spell and read words.

  • Number Transformers

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    Trailer video for Number Transformers with Timmy Uppet and friends. Number transformers teach children about counting numbers, reading and subtraction.
    30 min.