Titles Available for Purchase

  • Number Transformers

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    Trailer video for Number Transformers with Timmy Uppet and friends. Number transformers teach children about counting numbers, reading and subtraction.
    30 min.

  • Timmy Uppet's Easy Math

    1 video  |   Rent $0.99   |   Buy $1.99

    Timmy Uppet and friends narrate this educational math video. See addition and subtraction with dancing puppets and fun vehicles. Parents/Teachers are encouraged to pause the video so the student can answer the math problems.

  • Buy or Rent Monster Trucks - 60 Minutes

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    Monster Truck Collection 1 is a large collection includes some of our best Monster Truck videos. Over 60 minutes of fun and includes the videos listed below.
    1. Monster Truck Song
    2. Fast, Faster, Fastest with Mercedes Jones
    3. Vehicle Verbs
    4. Spell The Monster Truck Colors
    5. Vidsville Garage 3...

  • Monster Truck Mega Mix

    1 video  |   Rent $0.99   |   Buy $1.99

    Timmy Uppet and his friends love racing monster trucks. See an awesome mix of monster trucks racing around Vidsville and the stunt track. Also see Timmy singing the popular "Monster Truck Song" with his friends. Over 30 minutes of monster truck fun.