Holiday Videos

Holiday Videos

See all of our holiday videos including Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

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Holiday Videos
  • Smelf the Elf in Holiday Town

    Once again Smelf the Elf is running around and having fun. This time he's wrapping presents and having fun in Holiday town.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Cannon

    Timmy Uppet's friend Gwygon Gyn drives a cool off-road vehicle that is also a Halloween pumpkin cannon. The cannon can propel pumpkins farther than any other machine in the world. See how many pumpkins he fires and see the spelling of each. Happy Halloween from #halloween #pumkincann...

  • Halloween Special Crash, Fix and Drive

    Halloween is almost here so we decided to make a special. Timmy Uppet helps J. Grizzle with his Skeleton Car. Learn to read and spell in this holiday special with Timmy Uppet and J. Grizzle

  • Valentines Day 2020

    Timmy Uppet and his friends wish you a Happy Valentines Day. See a mystery special guest say happy Valentines Day.

  • Timmy Meets Santa

    Timmy Uppet meets Santa Claus and tells him what he wants for Christmas.

  • 3 Ships Promo

    Santa doesn’t know where he’s at but Sara Uppet knowS where to get great Christmas gifts. If you want some go here:

  • Facebook Promo

    Timmy lets his fans know about our Facebook page. Facebook page allows fans to comment and stay up to date with our newest videos.

  • Thanksgiving List

    Grandpa Uppet is deciding what he wants for Thanksgiving dinner. He has Timmy write up a list of needed groceries.

  • Gift Box Winner

    See the lucky winners of the gift box giveaway. They even sent pictures of the kids playing with the gifts.

  • Halloween Mask

    Timmy is trying to find a cool Halloween costume but can’t decide. Do you like his mask?

  • Halloween Decorations

    Learn to count with Timmy. Today Timmy counts Halloween decorations that he will use to decorate his room.

  • Christmas Cookies

    Grandpa shows Timmy and Sara how to make the traditional Uppet family Christmas cookies. He lets the kids make the cookies.

  • Candy Corn

    Timmy gets some Halloween candy from grandpa. He loves candy corn and decides to make shapes with it.

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Timmy, Sara, Trouble and Mercedes enter the Vidsville pumpkin carving contest. The contest is hosted by the one and only host, Chris Cross.

  • Giving Thanks

    Grandpa makes a Thanksgiving feast for the kids. Timmy, Sara and friends each tell what they are thankful for.

  • Gift Box Give Away

    Timmy talks about the gift box giveaway and opens a gift from Smelf the Elf.

  • Sara and Smelf

    Sara and Smelf the Elf deliver gifts around Vidsville. Sara also sing her favorite Christmas Carol.

  • Timmy Gifts 1

    Timmy is in the Christmas spirit opening his gift from Grandpa.

  • Timmy Gifts 2

    Timmy gets a gift from his sister Sara. He opens the gift and shows you all of the good stuff.

  • Timmy Gifts 3

    Timmy gets a gift from Smelf the Elf and opens all of the little Smelf gifts inside.

  • Merch Promo

    Timmy talks about gifts to can purchase for gifts this holiday season. Please visit for some fun stuff for family and friends.

  • Halloween Racing

    Halloween racing has all sorts of scary trucks racing. Skeleton, Witch, pumpkin and more. What truck is your favorite?

  • Gift Box Wrapping

    See Timmy talk about The Gift Box Giveaway and wrap some presents for Christmas.

  • Count To Twenty With Smelf

    Learn to count to twenty with that little adorable elf, Smelf the Elf.