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  • Silverado Colors

    The kids are driving some really cool Chevy Silverado's and learning colors.

  • Submarine Colors

    Grandpa is showing Timmy how to scavenge for colorful gems.

  • Tow Truck Colors

    Timmy Uppet is rescuing the crashed monster trucks and taking them to the Vidsville Garage. Learn colors for each of the monster trucks.

  • Dump Truck Colors

    Timmy and his friends are learning colors as they drive some cool dump trucks.

  • Robot Colors

    Learn colors with some cool robots.

  • Motorcycle Colors

    The kids are driving some awesome motorcycles and learning colors. Can you read the colors with them?

  • Fire Truck Colors

    This time the kids are driving fire trucks and learning colors.

  • Monster Truck Colors

    The updated version with moving wheels. Learn colors and how to read color words.