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Kids Music

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Kids Music
  • Wheels On The Bus

    The Wheels On The Bus song for kids. See Timmy, Sara, Grandpa, Mercedes, Trouble on the turntable and special appearance of Cluck the chicken.

  • Monster Truck Song

    Timmy and his friends are having fun singing the Monster Truck Song. The monster trucks are driving all over the place making smoke, ew ew stinky poo.

  • The Garbage Truck Song

    Timmy loves singing and the Garbage Truck Song and it’s one of his favorite songs. Garbage trucks pick up the trash and in the back the trash will mash.

  • Timmy and Sara Ran Up the Hill

    Timmy and Sara ran up the hill to pick some pretty flowers nursery rhyme. Sing along to this new funny nursery rhyme with your children.

  • Puppy Is His Name

    Timmy and his friends sing the puppy was his name song. Puppy is a puppy dog so Timmy named him puppy.

  • Alphabet Song Timmy Style

    Timmy sings his version of the alphabet song as Grandpa and J. Grizzle dances. Sing along with them and learn the alphabet.

  • Sara Had A Little Llama

    Sara has a new pet llama and names it buddy. See Timmy sing the classic nursery rhyme “Sara Had a Little Llama”

  • Beef Chutney

    Sing along with Grandpa Uppet as he sings the old favorite "Beef Chutney"

  • Mars Colony Song

    Timmy sings the Mars Colony Clickton Station song

  • I Can't Find My Shoes

    Timmy Uppet can't find his shoes. He decides to sing about it and look for them.

  • I Like To Go To School

    Timmy Uppet sings a song about school. He really likes to go to school.

  • Good To Be A Kid

    Timmy Uppet is singing again and this time it's "Good To Be A Kid"