Read and Spell

Read and Spell

Learn to read and spell words for kids. Spell different words with Timmy Uppet. Easy words for learning to read.

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Read and Spell
  • Snap Clap

    Timmy has a new face changer app. that changes his face. Learn to spell all of the funny faces.

  • Aqua Trucks

    Timmy narrates this video about sea creatures and cleaning up trash in the ocean. Learn to spell each sea creature.

  • Rivet Reading App

    Timmy talks about a new app for children that teaches them to read. He also talks about how to find books on Rivet.

  • Vidsville Garage 2

    Learn to spell and read words at the Vidsville Garage. The garage repairs the vehicles as Timmy spells the words.

  • Vidsville Garage 3

    This time Sara Uppet gets her car fixed at the Vidsville Garage. Spelling and reading couldn’t be more fun.

  • Vidsville Garage

    Mercedes wrecks his car but don’t worry the Vidsville Garage will fix it and give it a nice paint job. Read and spell the words with Timmy.

  • Vidsville Garage 4

    This time Timmy gets his ice cream truck customized at the Vidsville Garage. Read the words and spell them as well with Timmy Uppet narrating.

  • Spell the Vehicles Mega Pack

    Spell many cool vehicles with Timmy Uppet. Spell several vehicles including cars, trucks, bulldozers and more.

  • Spell the Mars Pods Part 2

    Part 2 of Timmy Uppet and his friends on the planet Mars driving the pods for the colony. Spell each pod as they drive around.

  • Spell the Mars Pods Part 1

    Timmy Uppet and his friends are on the planet Mars driving the pods for the colony. Spell each pod as they drive around.

  • Red Vehicles

    See vehicles that are Timmy’s favorite color red. Read the spelling of each red vehicle.

  • Ice Cream Truck

    Timmy Uppet is out delivering ice cream to his friends. Learn to spell the different flavors with him and his friends.

  • Canoe Car

    Learn to spell canoe car as Timmy drives it around Vidsville.

  • Biplane

    Spell biplane as Timmy flies around. He flies it real high and does a loop-de-loop.

  • Truck Crashes

    See trucks crash on the test track as they are being tested. Learn to spell the word crash after Timmy crashes a truck.

  • Spell The Strange Vehicles 2

    These vehicles are pretty strange and funny but also really cool. Spell the strange vehicles as they drive by.

  • Strange Vehicles 1

    See some strange vehicles as they drive past. Also read the name of each strange vehicle.

  • Spell The Strange Vehicles 1

    See some of the strange vehicles drive past. Also see the spelling of each.

  • Robot Suit

    Timmy tries out a new robot suit to see what it can do. also learn how to spell robot suit.

  • Excavator 2.0

    Timmy and Trouble show you how to spell excavator. Trouble is a real good excavator driver.

  • All Terrain Vehicle

    Timmy talks about ATV's and even spells All Terrain Vehicle. Uncle Screecher loves driving his ATV on all terrains.

  • Timmy's New House

    Timmy just moved into a new how and he is going to give you a tour. He will also spell the different rooms for you.

  • Compound Words 4

    Compound Words part 4. See Timmy Uppet and Sara Uppet dig out some compound words form the Vidsville Word Pit. Sara drives a big semi-trailer truck also known as semi, tractor-trailer, big rig and lorry. Timmy uses a big mobile crane. Parents can turn off the sound for an added level of learni...

  • Compound Words 3

    In the word factory words are merged together and form compound words. See Mercedes Jones driving the blue dump truck. Timmy Uppet using the large orange crane and Sara Uppet drives the orange flatbed Tractor Trailer.