Read and Spell

Read and Spell

Learn to read and spell words for kids. Spell different words with Timmy Uppet. Easy words for learning to read.

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Read and Spell
  • Compound Words 2

    Compound Words part 2. See Timmy Uppet and Sara Uppet dig out some compound words form the Vidsville Word Pit. Parents can turn off the sound for an added level of learning.

  • Compound Words 1

    Compound words for kids is a cool way to see how words come together. See Mercedes driving the blue dump truck. Timmy using the large crane and Sara drives the flatbed Tractor Trailer.

  • Learn to Spell Loader

    Greeno has a purple loader and is using it for construction work. Learn to spell the word loader with Timmy.

  • Jumping Kids

    Timmy sure likes running and jumping. Spell the word jump and watch timmy jump some huge rocks.

  • Running Kids

    Timmy runs all over the place and Professor Clunk spells the word run.

  • Spell Scissor Lift

    Join Pinko the Pinkarian as he drives the scissor lift and making it go up and down. Also learn to spell scissor lift.

  • Spell The Vehicles 3

    Spell the vehicles with the kids as they use the different machinery.

  • Spell Road Roller

    Sara Uppet has a pink road roller and is rolling and smoothing out the new road. Learn to spell road roller as well.

  • Spell Limousine

    Learn to spell limousine with Mercedes as he rides around in his cool blue limousine.

  • Spell Crane

    Timmy is helping his friends cross the Vidsville river after the flash flood. Learn how to spell crane with him.

  • Vehicles For Kids 2

    Read all of the new kids vehicles with Timmy Uppet.

  • Strange Vehicles 2

    Read all of the strange vehicles as they drive around.

  • Spell Road Grader

    Trouble Brown is driving his road grader and grading the road. Learn to spell road grader.

  • Spell The Vehicles 2

    Learn to spell all of the newer vehicles as they drive around Vidsville.

  • Spell Personal Transporter

    Professor Clunk has some real cool technology with his Personal Transporter. Learn how to spell Personal Transporter as well.

  • Spell Inchworm

    Learn to spell inchworm as Grandpa glides around the town of Vidsville.

  • Spell Electric Car

    Is that Cluck the Chicken driving that little electric car? It sure is and we are going to spell it too.

  • Spell Crash 3

    Learn to spell crash and see some vehicles crash. Don't worry Timmy is driving the Tow Truck to help.

  • Rescue Vehicles

    The kids are driving some cool rescue vehicles. Read the names of each vehicle.

  • Law Enforcement Vehicles

    Timmy and his friends are driving cool law enforcement vehicles. Read the name of each vehicle.

  • Farm Animals

    Timmy Uppet is on the farm and learning about the different farm animals. He learns how to spell each animal.

  • Construction Vehicles

    Timmy and his friends are driving construction vehicles around Vidsville. Read the names of the construction vehicles as they drive past.

  • Big Bigger Biggest

    Learn big, bigger and biggest using the Halloween trucks and city.

  • Grandpas Safari

    Grandpa Uppet takes Sara and Timmy on a animal safari. Learn to spell different animals in this funny cartoon.