Read and Spell

Read and Spell

Learn to read and spell words for kids. Spell different words with Timmy Uppet. Easy words for learning to read.

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Read and Spell
  • Dinosaur Trucks

    These dinosaur trucks are cool. They drive around as you learn to spell the names of each.

  • Mars Colony Clickton Station

    The very first colony on Mars is the Mars Colony Clickton Station. The kids are driving around searching for a campsite. Read the different pods as they search.

  • Hot Rod Racing

    Learn to read the names of the hot rod racers.

  • Mars Colony Puppets

    In this episode of Mars Colony Clickton Station we meet the astronauts.

  • Mars Colony Clickton Station - Astronaut

    See the astronauts and learn to spell the word astronaut.

  • Spell Construction Vehicles

    Learn to spell some cool construction vehicles as the drive around Vidsville.

  • Spell Law Enforcement Vehicles

    The kids are driving Law Enforcement Vehicles and learning how to spell them.

  • Spell Rescue Vehicles

    The kids are driving rescue vehicles for the town of Vidsville. Learn to spell these vehicles as they drive past.

  • Spell Tow Truck

    Timmy once again is picking up those monster trucks and taking them to the Vidsville Garage. Learn to spell Tow Truck in the video.

  • Spell Submarine

    Grandpa and Timmy take the little green submarine out again. This time they spell the word submarine.

  • Spell Tractor

    Timmy drives his red tractor around the farm. He also learns to spell the word Tractor.

  • Word Transformers 1

    The kids are having fun in the alphabet transformers spelling words.

  • Word Transformers 2

    Learn to read easy three letter words with Timmy and his friends.

  • Spell The Vehicles

    Timmy and his friends learn how to spell a bunch of cool vehicles.

  • Spell Dump Truck

    Mercedes drives his dump truck around dumping rocks. Learn to spell dump truck with him.

  • Compound Words

    Take two words and put them together and you get compound words. See several examples of this with Timmy.

  • Vehicles with Words

    Mercedes and his friends are driving some awesome vehicles. Read each vehicle word as they pass by.

  • Monster Truck Word Crusher

    Grandpa Uppet and friends are crushing stuff with monster trucks. Learn to spell and read words that they crush.

  • Motorcycle

    Timmy is driving his new red motorcycle around Vidsville. Learn how to spell motorcycle as well.

  • Let's Build A Robot

    Learn to build a robot with the different parts. Read the parts as it is being built.

  • The Jackrabbit

    Timmy Uppet visits the Cullen Farm and gets to learn about a Jackrabbit. He also learns how to spell the Jackrabbit.

  • Spell Dinosaur

    Learn to spell dinosaur with three different dinosaurs.

  • Learn About Maps

    Timmy teaches you different parts of a map. He also teaches you how to spell each part.

  • Let's Build A Monster Truck

    Timmy Uppet builds a cool monster truck. Read the different parts of the truck.