Learn shapes with Timmy Uppet and Friends.

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  • Monster Truck Shape Race

    Timmy is on a new stunt track collecting shapes. He learns the shapes and reads the words while driving his monster truck.

  • Monster Truck Shape Wheels

    Timmy Uppet narrates as monster trucks get equipped with shape wheels. Can the trucks move with the shape wheels?

  • Shape Transformers

    Strange cars transform into shapes. Learn the shapes as the cars transform with the spelling of each.

  • Adventuring Timmy

    Learn colors, shapes and numbers as Timmy goes on a fun adventure. He crunches boxes to reveal colors, then he goes through a cave and discovers shapes and then counts to ten climbing a flight of stairs.

  • Canoe Challenge

    Timmy is paddling his canoe down the Vidsville river collecting shapes. Can Timmy get all of the shapes in the river?

  • Big Truck Factory 3

    The wrecked trucks are being recycled and pressed into shapes. Learn the recycled shapes as grandpa takes them back to the factory.

  • Adventuring Kids Rapper CJ

    Rapper CJ goes on an adventure to learn about colors and their spelling. He also walks through a cave and finds shapes. Then he climbs the stairs and counts to ten.

  • Little Green Submarine

    Grandpa has a green submarine and takes Timmy for a ride. They learn to spell submarine and find some cool stuff on the floor of the ocean.

  • Adventuring Kids Pinko

    This time Pinko goes on the adventure to discover the colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Adventuring Kids Sara

    This time, Sara goes on the adventure to find colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Hot Rod Shapes

    Some race cars are also known as Hot Rods. These Hot Rods will help you learn shapes.

  • Shape Factory

    Learn different shapes at the shape factory. See the spelling as the machines make the different shapes.

  • Build Vehicles With Shapes

    Build some cool vehicles using different shapes. Also build a cool monster truck.

  • Submarine Shapes

    Timmy and Grandpa are on a submarine deep in the ocean. They discover cool colorful gems and learn shapes.

  • Shapes On Trucks

    Learn shapes as the Timmy loads them on big trucks.

  • Robot Shapes

    Whoa, these robots are cool, real cool. Learn shapes with these construction robots.

  • School Bus Shapes

    Learn shapes with Timmy and his friends. Grandpa drives the school as the kids say their shapes.

  • Dump Truck Shapes

    The kids are driving their dump trucks and learning shapes.

  • Garbage Truck Shapes

    Timmy Uppet and his friends are driving big garbage trucks with shapes on them. Learn different shapes and see the spelling of each.

  • Fire Truck Shapes

    This time we are learning about shapes with fire trucks. Also see the spelling of each shape.

  • Motorcycle Shapes

    Can you believe that the kids are riding motorcycles with little trailers? The trailers have the shapes and the spelling of each.

  • Monster Truck Shapes

    Learn shapes with cool monster trucks.