See Alphabet Transformers, Number Transformers, All Terrain Transformers, Word Transformers, Shape Transformers and more Transformers coming soon.

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  • Something

    Timmy Uppet and his crew are behind the wheels of their super cool Alphabet Transformers! With a roar of engines, they twist and turn, their vehicles transforming into incredible shapes. "Look!" shouts Timmy, "We're spelling something!" Together, the Alphabet Transformers come together, forming l...

  • Number Transformers 1

    Children can learn numbers and counting with number transformers. Just like the Alphabet Transformers using transforming numbers cars for kids.

  • Alphabet Transformers

    Timmy Uppet and Friends Alphabet Transformers. Children can learn ABC’s and see the cars transform into letters of the alphabet.

  • All Terrain Transformer

    Rapper CJ is driving his All Terrain Transformer all over Vidsville. He drives on the road, dirt, mud, snow, water and even through the air. Watch his vehicle transform and learn to spell the words with Timmy Uppet.

  • Subtraction with Number Transformers

    Learn subtraction with the Number Transformers. The subtraction problems are from 1 - 15 from the number 15.

  • Monster Truck Transformer

    Timmy is in his red Monster Truck Transformer. He drives around Vidsville collecting different shapes.

  • Word Transformers 1

    The kids are having fun in the alphabet transformers spelling words.

  • Word Transformers 2

    Learn to read easy three letter words with Timmy and his friends.