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  • Vehicle Colors

    Timmy, Sara, Grandpa Uppet and friends drive the different vehicles. Learn colors as they drive the vehicles around Vidsville.

  • Monster Truck Colors

    See the kids drive their monster truck and say each color of the truck. Can you say each color of the monster trucks in this video for children?

  • Tow Truck Colors

    See Timmy rescue his friends in his cool red tow truck. See the monster trucks colors as they are being rescued.

  • Vehicle Colors Mega Pack

    Over 50 cool kids vehicles driving around Vidsville. See the different colored vehicles and the spelling of each.

  • Spell The Monster Truck Colors

    Learn to spell colors with Timmy Uppet. See the colors as the Monster Trucks drive on the stunt track.

  • Monster Race Cars

    Timmy and his friends are driving colorful race cars around Vidsville. Learn the colors and read about them as they race.

  • Fruit Car Colors

    Timmy and the kids are driving weird cars that look like fruit. Learn colors and see the spelling of each color.

  • Adventuring Timmy

    Learn colors, shapes and numbers as Timmy goes on a fun adventure. He crunches boxes to reveal colors, then he goes through a cave and discovers shapes and then counts to ten climbing a flight of stairs.

  • Quick Snip 20

    In this Quick Snip see monster trucks with the spelling of the colors.

  • Obstacle Course

    Timmy Uppet runs down the field on the obstacle course. There are many obstacles in his way like stump jump, tube crawl, rope swing and more

  • Bicycle Colors

    Learn Colors with Bicycles

  • Big Truck Factory 1

    Timmy and his friends are learning colors at the Big Truck Factory. What is your favorite color?

  • Robot Suit Colors

    Learn colors with these awesome robot suits. Timmy Uppet and his friends use them to perform different stunts.

  • Monster Truck Colors 2

    Wow, we sure have a lot of monster trucks. Learn colors as the monster trucks drive past.

  • Adventuring Kids Pinko

    This time Pinko goes on the adventure to discover the colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Adventuring Kids Sara

    This time, Sara goes on the adventure to find colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Vehicle Colors 2

    Learn colors with the new kids vehicles. Vehicles are inchworm, electric car, crane and more.

  • Giant Robot Car Crusher

    Timmy Uppet drives a huge robot called the Giant Robot Car Crusher. In this episode he crushes cars and learns the different colors.

  • Adventuring Grandpa

    Grandpa drives his Cadillac for colors. Then goes through a cave to find shapes. Next he climbs stairs and finds numbers.

  • Giant Robot Car Crusher 3

    Timmy and his Giant Robot Car Crusher are crushing cars and mixing colors for some cool Monster Trucks.

  • Adventuring Kids Mercedes

    Mercedes drives his car and finds colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Adventuring Kids Cluck

    This time it is Cluck the Chicken finding the colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Hot Rod Colors

    Timmy Uppet and his friends are driving some cool race cars. They are also known as Hot Rods. Learn colors with these cool road racers.

  • Matchbox Colors

    The kids are driving some cool matchbox cars around Vidsville. Learn colors as they drive past.