Numbers and Counting

Numbers and Counting

See Timmy Uppet, Sara Uppet, Grandpa Uppet and the rest of Timmy's friends learn to count and learn a little bit of math.

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Numbers and Counting
  • Monster Truck Joyride

    Timmy Uppet and friends are taking their monster trucks out for a joyride. Count the monster trucks as they drive past.

  • Big Truck Factory 4

    The truck factory builds big trucks. The factory also recycles shapes into truck parts. Count the parts as they build them.

  • Hide and Seek

    The kids are playing hide and seek around Vidsville. Help Timmy count to ten as his friends hide.

  • Adventuring Timmy

    Learn colors, shapes and numbers as Timmy goes on a fun adventure. He crunches boxes to reveal colors, then he goes through a cave and discovers shapes and then counts to ten climbing a flight of stairs.

  • Quick Snip 18

    The old school monster trucks are being counted as they drive by. Can you count the trucks?

  • Water Balloon Counting

    Timmy and his friends are having a water balloon fight. Can you count how many friends get wet?

  • Number Transformers 2

    The kids are in their number transformers and Timmy counts them. The other kids are in the alphabet transformers spelling each number.

  • Count The Vehicles 2

    Timmy Uppet is counting some really cool vehicles again. Can you count along with him?

  • Number Transformers 3

    The kids are in their number transformers and counting to ten. Also see the spelling of each number with alphabet transformers.

  • Count The Bikes

    The kids are riding their bicycles on the bike path. Count all the bicycles with Professor Clunk narrating.

  • Strange Vehicles 2

    Professor Clunk narrates and counts the different strange vehicles.

  • Count To Ten Crane

    Timmy uses his crane to help people cross the Vidsville River that are stranded from the flood. Count the vehicles with Timmy.

  • Motorcycle Count Off

    Mercedes and Timmy do stunts by jumping over cool cars. Who can jump over the most cars?

  • Adventuring Kids Sara

    This time, Sara goes on the adventure to find colors, shapes and numbers.

  • Count to Twenty

    Timmy loves running around. This time his is running and jumping as he counts to twenty.

  • Count To Thirty

    Timmy and his friends are driving vehicles and counting up to thirty.

  • Strange Vehicles Count To Ten

    Count to ten with all of the strange vehicles.

  • Giant Robot Car Crusher 2

    Timmy Uppet is in his Giant Robot Car Crusher again. He is crushing cars and counting each one. Can you count with Timmy?

  • Counting Cars

    Timmy loves his model cars and he loves to count them. See Timmy count 24 cool cars from his car box.

  • Hot Rod Numbers

    The kids are driving the hot rods and learning to count.

  • Mars Colony Clickton Station - Counting

    Count all of the Mars pods up to eleven.

  • Vehicle Addition

    Learn to add with some cool vehicles.

  • Pumpkin Crusher

    Count the pumpkins in this Halloween cartoon.

  • Tow Truck Counting

    Timmy is rescuing his friends and counting all the trucks.