Kids Trucks

Kids Trucks

These truck cartoons are a great way to learn and entertain children. See the kids drive cool trucks around Vidsville.

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Kids Trucks
  • Fast Faster Fastest

    Trouble drives his monster truck on the stunt track crushing cars.. He drives his truck fast, faster and the very fastest. Read the words in this cartoon.

  • Vehicles For Kids 1

    See the kids drive their vehicles video for children. See a tractor, truck, car, bulldozer, bus, motorcycle, helicopter and other types of street vehicles, off-road vehicles and construction equipment.

  • Monster School Bus

    Grandpa Uppet drives the kids to school and takes shortcut through the Vidsville Stunt Track.

  • Wha'ts Different Part 2

    Timmy Uppet plays the game What’s Different with a bunch of cool vehicles. Can you tell what’s different in each picture?

  • Fast Faster Fastest with Mercedes

    Mercedes goes fast in his blue donk car. He eventually drives faster and faster on the Vidsville stunt track.

  • Vehicle Verbs

    Learn several verbs using cool vehicles as they drive around. Vehicle verbs are a great way for kids to learn about verbs.

  • Monster Truck Contractions

    The kids are learning contractions while driving monster trucks. This is a fun way to learn contractions.

  • Adjectives

    Timmy is learning several adjectives with his friends. See several examples of adjectives used in a sentence.

  • Days Of The Week

    The kids are learning the different days of the week. They do it several times to help kids learn through repetition.

  • Downhill Racing

    Mercedes and the kids are racing awesome trucks downhill. Do you know who wins the race?

  • Draw A Monster Truck

    Have you ever wanted to draw a monster truck? If so watch as Timmy draws a cool monster truck.

  • Big Truck Factory 2

    Timmy Uppet and his friends are testing the factory built trucks for safety. J. grizzle stacks the damaged trucks for recycling.

  • Vehicles For Kids Mega Pack

    See many cool vehicle drive around. Also see the spelling of each. What vehicle is your favorite?

  • Big Bigger Biggest

    Timmy, Sara and Grandpa are driving their Jeeps around Vidsville. Learn the different Jeep sizes with them.

  • Corn Car

    Grandpa is always hungry and loves to eat corn. However, today he is actually driving a corn car.

  • Chris Cross Construction

    Chris Cross manages the Vidsville construction zone. Learn how they use the construction vehicles on the site.

  • More Monster Trucks

    See some more monster trucks with new characters like Frank Fritter.

  • Fruit Cars

    Learn fruits with Timmy and his friends. See the different cars with the spelling for your children to read.

  • What's Different 1

    Timmy plays a new game called What's Different. In this game you will have to figure out what's different between two pictures.

  • Garbage Truck 2

    Timmy drives the big green garbage truck and collects the trash. See the garbage truck song here:

  • Spell The Vehicles

    Timmy and his friends learn how to spell a bunch of cool vehicles.