Kids Trucks

Kids Trucks

These truck cartoons are a great way to learn and entertain children. See the kids drive cool trucks around Vidsville.

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Kids Trucks
  • Fix and Paint Trailer

    Trailer to the video special KidsTrucks Fix and Paint. Timmy Uppet is a young boy who loves cars and trucks. He spends his days at the Vidsville Garage, where he helps fix and paint cars and trucks. Timmy is a natural mechanic, and he loves learning about the different parts of cars and how they ...

  • Fast Faster Fastest

    Trouble drives his monster truck on the stunt track crushing cars.. He drives his truck fast, faster and the very fastest. Read the words in this cartoon.

  • Vehicles For Kids 1

    See the kids drive their vehicles video for children. See a tractor, truck, car, bulldozer, bus, motorcycle, helicopter and other types of street vehicles, off-road vehicles and construction equipment.

  • Monster School Bus

    Grandpa Uppet drives the kids to school and takes shortcut through the Vidsville Stunt Track.

  • Wha'ts Different Part 2

    Timmy Uppet plays the game What’s Different with a bunch of cool vehicles. Can you tell what’s different in each picture?

  • Fast Faster Fastest with Mercedes

    Mercedes goes fast in his blue donk car. He eventually drives faster and faster on the Vidsville stunt track.

  • Vehicle Verbs

    Learn several verbs using cool vehicles as they drive around. Vehicle verbs are a great way for kids to learn about verbs.

  • Monster Truck Contractions

    The kids are learning contractions while driving monster trucks. This is a fun way to learn contractions.

  • Adjectives

    Timmy is learning several adjectives with his friends. See several examples of adjectives used in a sentence.

  • Days Of The Week

    The kids are learning the different days of the week. They do it several times to help kids learn through repetition.

  • Downhill Racing

    Mercedes and the kids are racing awesome trucks downhill. Do you know who wins the race?

  • Draw A Monster Truck

    Have you ever wanted to draw a monster truck? If so watch as Timmy draws a cool monster truck.

  • Big Truck Factory 2

    Timmy Uppet and his friends are testing the factory built trucks for safety. J. grizzle stacks the damaged trucks for recycling.

  • Vehicles For Kids Mega Pack

    See many cool vehicle drive around. Also see the spelling of each. What vehicle is your favorite?

  • Big Bigger Biggest

    Timmy, Sara and Grandpa are driving their Jeeps around Vidsville. Learn the different Jeep sizes with them.

  • Corn Car

    Grandpa is always hungry and loves to eat corn. However, today he is actually driving a corn car.

  • Chris Cross Construction

    Chris Cross manages the Vidsville construction zone. Learn how they use the construction vehicles on the site.

  • More Monster Trucks

    See some more monster trucks with new characters like Frank Fritter.

  • Fruit Cars

    Learn fruits with Timmy and his friends. See the different cars with the spelling for your children to read.

  • What's Different 1

    Timmy plays a new game called What's Different. In this game you will have to figure out what's different between two pictures.

  • Garbage Truck 2

    Timmy drives the big green garbage truck and collects the trash. See the garbage truck song here:

  • Spell The Vehicles

    Timmy and his friends learn how to spell a bunch of cool vehicles.

  • Monster Truck Crashes

    Timmy and his pals are testing the safety and durability of some cool monster trucks. They drive them on the test track and wreck them for data. This allows them to make better monster trucks.

  • Raptor Mud Bogging

    Timmy Uppet has a new Ford Raptor and takes it to the Vidsville Mud Bog.