Learn opposites with Timmy Uppet and Friends.

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  • Old and New

    Timmy and Grandpa Uppet learn opposites old and new as their drive around Vidsville. Grandpa drives an old Ford f100 and Timmy drive a Ford Raptor.

  • IN and OUT

    Timmy and Grandpa are learning about opposites in and out. They show several situations using in and out.

  • Quick Snip 9

    Learn opposites short and tall with monster trucks.

  • Quick Snip 15

    In this Quick Snip see race cars go fast and slow.

  • Vehicle Opposites

    The kids are driving cool vehicles around and learning about opposites.

  • Forward and Reverse

    Learn opposites forward and reverse with the kids as they drive cool vehicles.

  • Fast and Slow

    Learn opposites fast and slow with Timmy Uppet and his friends.

  • Learn Opposites Pull and Push

    Learn opposites with Timmy and Mercedes as they push and pull the box.

  • Fast and Slow

    Learn opposites fast and slow with awesome race cars.