The Timmy Uppet Show

The Timmy Uppet Show

Timmy Uppet has his own show and it is cool. See all kinds of cool videos with Timmy Uppet and his friends.

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The Timmy Uppet Show
  • Star Wars

    Chewbacca is behind a big rock as the Jet troopers are firing at him. Darth Vader is stuck in a feedback loop. Darth Romjim drives the missile thrower and Baby Yoda will save the day.

  • Meet the Uppets

    Meet Timmy Uppet and the cast of

  • Happy Easter 2020

    Timmy knows Easter Sunday was yesterday but he wanted to wish a Happy Easter anyways. He could have said it fast but vehicles kept driving past.

  • Ford Raptor Hill Climb

    Timmy Uppet drives his new red Ford Raptor up a steep hill. Do you think he will make it?

  • Timmy Goes Mud Doggin

    Timmy Uppet is driving his new Ford Raptor in the mud. He really likes his new red truck and it goes through the mud quite easily.