Vidsville Garage

Vidsville Garage

4 Episodes

Timmy Uppet and friends are wrecking and fixing their trucks and cars at the Vidsville Garage.

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Vidsville Garage
  • Vidsville Garage

    Episode 1

    Mercedes wrecks his car but don’t worry the Vidsville Garage will fix it and give it a nice paint job. Read and spell the words with Timmy.

  • Vidsville Garage 2

    Episode 2

    Learn to spell and read words at the Vidsville Garage. The garage repairs the vehicles as Timmy spells the words.

  • Vidsville Garage 3

    Episode 3

    This time Sara Uppet gets her car fixed at the Vidsville Garage. Spelling and reading couldn’t be more fun.

  • Vidsville Garage 4

    Episode 4

    This time Timmy gets his ice cream truck customized at the Vidsville Garage. Read the words and spell them as well with Timmy Uppet narrating.